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About Us

Certified Digital Communications Pty Ltd (CDC) is 100% owned by Thokozani Empowerment Fund, a 100% black-women owned business.


Thokozani seeks to provide opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs through the identification and investment into meaningful business ventures which support the Thokozani ethos.

Thokozani Empowerment Fund

CDC is 100% owned by Thokozani - a 100% black-women owned investment company.

The Empowerment Fund

The company comprises 20% direct ownership by black women business persons and community leaders, headed by Ndileka Nobebe. The balance of the equity, 80%, is owned by a trust specifically established to support underprivileged black persons with emphasis on women.

Helping Families Thrive

Thokozani has provided assistance to over 70 rural families to date and will continue doing so through sustainable investments. Thokozani is thriving with the full support of the community and strategic investment partners. It has long term plans to deliver real wealth directly into the hands of the beneficiaries.

Beyond Simply Investing

Thokozani goes beyond simply investing, by providing essential services to business and entrepreneurs. This includes strategic stakeholder placement, detailed planning and due diligence assistance and on-going legal advice and support.

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