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Send Legally Compliant
Registered Email & SMS

Why use registered E-mail & SMS?

Save Money

Save money by using registered email and SMS for a fraction of the cost of registered mail

Immediate Delivery

In most cases we provide successful delivery receipt within minutes of your message being sent

Unquestionable Proof

Registered electronic messages can be used to prove message delivery and content in court

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How the process works

1. You provide your message content and recipient list

2. We create your campaign and submit to you for approval

3. Any necessary changes are made and the campaign is sent

Our Process

Is it legal?

Delivery Certificate

After your message has been delivered you receive a digital certificate that contains detailed delivery information including the content, time of delivery, and recipient.

Official SAPO Partner

We provide the technology that is used by the South African Post Office, who is the only entity in South Africa that is legally allowed to send Registered Email and SMS messages as per the ECT Act. 

Legal Compliance

Our system complies with the Electronic Communications & Transactions Act (ECTA), which is the relevant legislation in South Africa. Download our Legal Compliance document below for detailed information.

Chain of Custody

Our system provides a detailed audit trail of each communication so that complete chain of custody cannot be disputed.

Blockchain Powered

All evidence is embedded into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. This process provides an impenetrable layer of added proof.

Message Verification

We provide an online verification portal that can be used to confirm the validity of any message sent or received using our system.

Click the below link to download our detailed legal compliance document


“a requirement in law that a document or information must be in writing is met if the document or information is in the form of a data message.”

ECTA Section 12

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